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Understanding Hair Loss

Hair is an important part of anyone’s appearance and self image. It is very natural to be concerned about the effects of alopecia and medical hair loss may have on the way you look and feel. You will probably feel shocked and angry at the thought of losing your hair. We are not taught how to deal with this in our physiology. There is very little information on how to deal with the loss of self esteem related to the fear and emotional effects that follow. JH Hair Care understands that many women feel that when they lose their hair, they will lose a large part of who they are, that is why we work with clients to help them through the difficult task of choosing how they want to look during their treatment and recovery.

The options

A wig can help you feel the most like yourself and this is the preference when experiencing hair loss. You might also want to consider headwear such as scarves, wraps, turbans or hats. Other women and men choose to wear their baldness with pride.

Whatever you want to do, consider trying it on in the early stages of hair loss to adjust to it slowly. This way you can transition into a new look or your original style.

Choosing a Wig

With our range styles and colours, JH Hair Care will have a wig that looks just how you want to look, and for that extra confidence we can customise that perfect personalised style for you.

Consider length & Style

Generally shorter shake and go styles are easier to care for; longer styles require a little more maintenance. Consider a style that is similar to your own current style. Remember that during your treatment you may experience tiredness and you may not want a style that is too much fuss

Choosing a colour

You might feel comfortable choosing a shade that is much like your current colour. It does not have to be identical. When in doubt go a shade lighter or warmer to brighten and soften your features. Alternative you may want to embrace the idea and go for a completely different colour.

Consider your lifestyle

What does your typical day involve? Will you be wearing your wig everyday? When choosing the wig remember to keep your typical day and weekly activities in mind.

Have fun

This is an opportunity that you may never have had the nerve before in trying out different styles and colours. Try on as many styles and colours as you want ranging from short crops to flowing long trestles.