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When will I lose my hair?
Hair loss is likely to occur 2-3 weeks after you start your chemotherapy treatment. This can happen more quickly depending on the treatment level you are having. You will notice hair strands on your pillow and increasing amounts of hair on your hair brush, when this starts to happen we recommend that you have your hair cut.

When should I get my wig fitted?
After your diagnosis it is best to make your consultation appointment so as we can arrange the best wig available for you. This way the wig will be ready for collection before your hair loss.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes, we would highly recommend you bring along a friend to help you with your choice.

Which type of wigs are best, real or synthetic?
When choosing your wig remember to keep your typical day and weekly activities in mind. As a general rule shorter shake and go wig styles are easier to care for, longer and human wig styles require a little more maintenance. Remember that during your treatment you may experience tiredness and you may not want a style that is too much fuss

How long will I need to wear the wig for?
Your hair grows back very fine at first then it will become stronger and thicker as times goes on. The good news is that you may have a full head of hair in just 3-6 months after your treatment; depending on the length of your hair originally it may take longer for your hair to reach its original length.

Will my hair grow back as it was before?
There maybe a number of differences between your new hair and the hair you had previous to commencing treatment however in most cases your hair will revert over time back to its pre-treatment condition and natural style.

Can I colour my hair?
As your hair grows back, you may notice a difference in colour from your original colour. Current guidelines suggest waiting 6 months post treatment before permanently colouring your hair. However, if you want to colour your new hair, you can use a semi-permanent colour which does NOT contain any ammonia or peroxide, ask one of our professional stylist about the options available in salon. You must have the required sensitivity patch test 48 hours prior to your colour application to make sure you do not have any reaction to the product.

Will the wig blow off?
This is the biggest fear amongst new wig wearers; the quick answer is no not under normal everyday wind, rain conditions. When choosing your wig remember your lifestyle, an active lifestyle requires a secure bonding fit.

How much does a wig cost?
Synthetic wigs price range start from €350 and human hair cost from €850.

How long will my wig take?
We will always endeavor to have a stock of wigs available for purchase however if the style is temporary out of stock we can usually have it for you within 15 working days. Personalised custom made wigs will take longer to manufacture, please discuss this with your wig stylist.

Will my Health Care spanrovide contribute to the cost?
Yes, depending upon your coverage level most health care providers will contribute towards the cost of the wig.